Winter is calling, can you answer for me?

The most beautiful time of the year is already here. The fluffy white snowflakes are all over the place, and the earth is now wearing a new coat. But not just the earth is proud to present the new outfit, because the people also have to put a new layer of clothes, and that includes the hands too. Why I emphasize this part of the body? Simply, because we use this the most and even more this days not just for work but also to use our touch screen phones. But what can you do when outside is cold, and you receive a phone call, or an important email/text, and in order to answer you have to take off your gloves. It’s a hard decision to  pick up, if only was a solution. Hey actually it is:). There are special gloves that allow you to use the touch screen of your smartphone. Actually now are so many models and many different approaches, but from all this I chose a specific model to present you here, probably the warmest one (because here in Canada you really don’t have other option than the warmest one ).

isglovesISGLOVES not only will keep you hands worm, but also they will keep you hands clean and they will not irritate the sensitive skin. This are some eco-friendly gloves, build entirely from polyester and nanotechnology, that will not allow bacteria to grow and it’s also hypoallergenic. And of course it has embedded the technology  that allows you to play with your phone without risking to have blue fingers.

Here are some details about this “magic” gloves:

– Therma-regulating

– High Precision & Accuracy

– Water-repellant

– Anti-bacterial

– Hypoallergenic

– Windproof

– Highly breathable

– Soft & Elastic inner gloves

isgloves ipad

If this wasn’t enough, well there’s more, the price… You’d probably expect to pay a lot for them, … not this time, the price is as for the other winter gloves you can find out there on the market. For only $32 you can have this shields that will keep your hands safe, and you network status live.

You can find this gloves on the ISGloves official website:

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