Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows 8 Start screen

Windows 8 Start screen

Already upgraded to Windows 8? 

If you are one of the persons that uses shortcuts to be time efficient, then you’ll notice that in Windows 8 the commands will not listen to you anymore. The reason is, that the new features and the redesigned interface, ask for new keys to access them, so in order to make this happen they had to reorganize the keyboard shortcuts.

Down here you will find all the new shortcuts for Windows 8.



Win Key Command
“=” Magnifier – zoom in – (magnifier must be running first)
“-” Magnifier – zoom out- (magnifier must be running)
, Peek at desktop
. Snap a Metro app to the right (use Shift to snap to left)
Enter Narrator
Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Tab Switcher (tap repeatedly to switch between running Metro-style apps)
Esc Exit magnifier (magnifier must be running first)
Print Screen Takes a screenshot and save it to the screenshots folder in Pictures
Home Minimize non-active windows (desktop)
Page Up Move start screen to monitor on left
Page Down Move start screen to monitor on right
Break System control panel
Left arrow Snap window to the left (desktop)
Right arrow Snap window to the right (desktop)
Up arrow Maximize window (desktop)
Down arrow Minimize window (desktop)
F1 Windows Help and Support
C Charms
D Show desktop
E New file explorer windows (desktop)
F Search for files
H Share charm
I Settings charm
J Switch focus between snapped and main apps
K Devices charm
L Lock computer
M Minimize all desktop windows
O Lock the screen orientation (on devices that support orientation)
P Second Screen (projection)
Q Search charm
R Run windows (desktop)
T Set focus to task-bar (desktop)
U Ease of Access Center (desktop)
V Cycle through notifications
W Search for settings (and control panels)
X Open power user menu (desktop)
Z Open app bar
Numeric (1-9) Open the app at the given position in the task-bar (desktop)


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