Why Apple and not Samsung

there's iPhoneGreat features were presented for the new Samsung Galaxy S4: 5inch screen, 441 pixels per inch, 1080p display, quad-core 1.9 GHz processor, 13 MP camera (basically everything that they needed to be better than iPhone 5).

Apple created a special web page where they list the motives that people should still choose the iPhone 5 over Samsung.

So if you’re wondering what these reasons are… Here you go:

1. iPhone received 8 consecutive J.D.Power prizes for client satisfaction. – The performance, design, characteristics, but also how easy is to do an operation
2. Just iPhone and other Apple products have a Retina display
3. iPhone has a battery that last longer, up to 8 hours of talking time
4. iPhone comes with ultra fast Wireless and LTE
5. iPhone is the only device that comes with Siri, an intelligent personal assistant
6. The A6 chip is very powerful and it doesn’t affect at all the battery life.
7. iSight camera is the most popular photo camera in the world
8. iOS 6 is the most advanced Operating System in the World for mobile platforms

What do you think? Are this reasons good enough to stay with iPhone, or the S4 is to tempting?

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