Wet Phone?

wet phone - iphone wetOur mobile gadgets get exposed to the environment which we interact with. (this includes the bathroom, the kitchen etc.) Now, one thing’s for sure, that we cannot protect them all the time, and sooner or latter we may have “accidents”. The statistics say that 19% of the  people drop their phone in the toilet, which could mean the dead of the device. But it doesn’t have to be necessary like that, you can save your gadget if you fallow this simple steps:

1. Be fast, and take out as fast as possible the phone from the toilet.

2. Try to dry it with a paper towel.

3. Shut it down.

4. If it has a removable battery take it out (if you have an iPhone, you shouldn’t try to take the battery out, it’s very hard to do it, and you’ll probably lose your warranty).

5. Put some rice in a zipper bag.

6. Put your phone in the bag with the rice.

7. Now put the bag with the rise and the phone inside, on a warm surface.

8. Leave it on the warm surface for at least 24 hours.

9. Hopefully after 24 hours, your phone will work perfectly after you’ll turn it on.


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