Tony Stark Technology

Tony Stark Technology it’s closer than you can think. Tony Stark technology

Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese tech company just revealed a smartphone prototype with a  transparent body. Today we can see the proof that technology is speeding up, so fast that this device can be on the market by the end of 2013.  The battery, circuitry and a set of components will be transparent. You will be able to see MicroSD card Nano Sim, and some circuits and the processor. The downside is that for now the touch screen is limited to a small area, which will take us from the comfort zone that we are used with.

For the moment there are no details regarding the display resolution, processor, graphic chipset, and their frequency of use. Another big question is what kind of operating system this phone will run.

Per total we will have to deal with an attractive design which will bring us closer to our favourite SF movies technology.

Here are two pictures with the actual prototype where Serena Chen, Deputy Manager of Polytron technologies, Inc. displays the prototype of a transparent cellphone in Taoyuan City, northern Taiwan, 21 January 2013.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

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