The next generation of digital cameras


Todays market is over-saturated with all kind of photo cameras: Compact, DSLR, Mirrorless, Rangefinder, and Film cameras.

But what is the best camera that fits your needs?

I would say that a good camera should be able to shoot photos easily without  thinking, because what’s important about a photo is that it can store the memory of a good moment, a special event, a great memory. That’s why, you will need a device that can immortalize the perfect moment exactly how you want to. Now the problem is that usually you have to make a lot of settings to your camera and also you always have  to be sure that the subject is in focus, but all this takes time and timing makes the difference between a mediocre photo and a great one.

But is it there something that can allow us to forget about all this and just focus on the moment? Today we have a new option, and this is called LYTRO.


This new camera will change everything you know about photography. There are no rules with this new device, you’ll just have to point and shoot, and you’ll have the perfect picture, just like that.

Probably you wonder how is this possible, well this is what LYTRO does different:

See the light. All of it.

The Lytro camera lets you capture and share what you see in a whole new way. It’s the first consumer camera that records the entire light field – all the rays of light traveling on every direction through the scene – instead of a flat 2D image. And that changes everything.

Shoot now. Focus… whenever

(this is my favourite part)

By capturing the light field, you can do incredible things. Like refocus pictures after you take them. Tap the touchscreen on whatever part of the picture you want to bring into focus – or, once a picture is imported into your computer, click to refocus.

Do more than tell the story. Recreate it.

Refocus to discover new elements within the scene and move the picture in any direction to change the perspective.  Use Living Filters to create a unique look. Now every picture you take is a chance to tell a new kind of story.

Too much fun to keep to yourself.

The free Lytro Desktop lets you import your living pictures to your computer. Then easily share them to the web, Facebook, Twitter, and more, so your friends can refocus and shift perspective with the pictures. Your pictures are going to be very popular.

 Changing the perspective

Lytro’s newest light field capability, Perspective Shift, allows you to interactively change your point of view in a picture, after you’ve taken the picture. On a computer or mobile device, you can shift the living picture in any direction; left, right, up, down and all around. Perspective Shift will be available starting December 4 and works on light field pictures you’ve previously taken and with any new pictures you take. Change your perspective and see the moment come alive.


Some detailed information:

Sensor type 11 Megaray Light Sensor
Image Processor  Light Field Engine 1.0
 Optical Zoom  8X
 LCD Monitor  1.52 Inch LCD
 LCD Monitor Resolution 128X128
 Aperture range  Constant f2
 Shutter Speed Range 1/250 – 8seconds
 ISO Sensitivity 80 – 3200
 Auto Mode Yes
 Manual Modes Creative Modes
 Internal Memory 8GB / 16GB
 Still Image File Formats LFP (Light Field Picture Format)
 Resolution 1080X1080
 Computer interface USB
 Battery Type Li-ion Rechargeable
Computer Compatibility PC & MAC
System requirements Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher; Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher
Colours  Red Hot, Electric Blue, Graphite, Seaglass
Body Construction Ultra-Light Anodized Aluminum Structural Skin; Silicone Rubber
Waterproof No
Shockproof No
Dimensions W 4.1 cmH 4.1 cmDepth 11.2 cm
Weight 214g


How much does this costs?

This can be yours if you are willing to spend :

8GB (350 pictures) 16GB (750 pictures)
$399.00 $499.00


Here is a little example how a Lytro picture looks like, feel free to play with it:


source: Lytro

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