Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman vs SupermanA leak version of the Batman vs Superman new movie makes its way out before the announced date.

Also we finally see Ben Affleck dressed as batman, but we still need to wait and see why is so serious and what is his concern about the Superman. The new armoured costume is also very imposing, which it makes it look like it was build by Stark Industries.

Batman: “Tell me, do you bleed?

You will.”

If you are curious to see it before Monday, when the official release it will be presented, you can follow the link to the leaked video





Blue Suicide

Recently I had the honour to direct, shoot and edit a short film based on a fragment from a novel that will be published very soon, Blue Suicide.
I would like to thanks the author Jennifer Venner for trusting me with this special project. I also want to thank to the actors who did a great job and we had a wonderful collaboration:
Wyn …… Tim McLarty
Frank …… Michael J. B. Hogan
Claire …… Lily Domingue, and also to the talented music composer who created the emotional soundtrack Mikhai Louise Vergara.

Blue Suicide is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the politics and deal-brokering between the police and the oversight agency that investigates them when any civilian is killed, seriously injured, or harassed in the line of duty. It explores the impact on the lives of the families of the victims and how technology has empowered citizens and reversed the concept of the ‘surveillance society’. It is also the story of Wyn Rhys, a police officer turned investigator turned Director of SPOA and his personal demons, as he grapples with complicated feelings for a female survivor from one of his early investigations.

The novel Blue Suicide will be coming out in September, 2015
Please share this link with anyone you think may be interested in supporting this campaign.

Man of Steel 2013

Man of Steel 2013We have now a new reason to look forward for the summer. Yesterday I was talking about the release of iPhone 5s in June, but I think this is even more relevant. Indeed as we had other iPhones we had other Superman movies, but this kind of movie is way more rare and probably brings more excitement than any product it will be launched in the near future.  I believe that almost everybody saw at least one Superman movie when he was a child, and probably you also wished to be as strong as he was, now you can recall those moments by watching the new movie. When I watched the #2trailer it gave me some chills, and I really believe that the story will not end with this movie. Now the question is it will Superman join the Avengers in the next movies, or is this gonna take the place of the Batman series?

If its something I don’t like about this is how Clark Kent looks like, is not as handsome as it used to be…  the other versions looked way better. (and maybe the fact that I have to wait more than six months to watch it on the big screen)

“He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready… What do you think?”

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

If you grew up with Star Trek, and you saw all the series and all the episodes… if you are a real fan, then you’ll probably enjoy this news.

A Japanese teaser with some extra seconds of footage at the end, was released today for the Star Trek movie that will be on the big screens 05. 07. 2013.

Interstellar action, weapons of mass destruction, war, love stories, friendship stories, are all combined in this new masterpiece. We will see new familiar faces, with an interesting backgrounds, one of this will be Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch(known from the TV Series – Sherlock Holmes), which apparently will play the role of the bad guy – Khan.

How Enterprise will make its great entry this time, and how the fight between Kirk and Khan will end, it’s something that I’m looking forward to see… but until then we will have to satisfy our curiosity with this trailer:

“You think your world is safe”“It is an illusion.  A comforting lie, told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned . . .to have  – My Vengeance!”


The second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is here.

The official announcement of the Game was made on 25 October 2011, and the first trailer that was unveiled on 2 November 2011. The second trailer for GTA V was announced this month on 5 November, and it have been released on 14 November.

The actual game is set to be released in the spring of 2013.

Official website: GTA 5


Enjoy the trailer: