Blue Suicide

Recently I had the honour to direct, shoot and edit a short film based on a fragment from a novel that will be published very soon, Blue Suicide.
I would like to thanks the author Jennifer Venner for trusting me with this special project. I also want to thank to the actors who did a great job and we had a wonderful collaboration:
Wyn …… Tim McLarty
Frank …… Michael J. B. Hogan
Claire …… Lily Domingue, and also to the talented music composer who created the emotional soundtrack Mikhai Louise Vergara.

Blue Suicide is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the politics and deal-brokering between the police and the oversight agency that investigates them when any civilian is killed, seriously injured, or harassed in the line of duty. It explores the impact on the lives of the families of the victims and how technology has empowered citizens and reversed the concept of the ‘surveillance society’. It is also the story of Wyn Rhys, a police officer turned investigator turned Director of SPOA and his personal demons, as he grapples with complicated feelings for a female survivor from one of his early investigations.

The novel Blue Suicide will be coming out in September, 2015
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Love Error

Starring Heronymo Allen
Written/Directed by Lucian Vasile
Cinematography by Lucian Vasile
Location & Technical Support
Ontrack Communications

Love Error is a reflection of today’s society, where people are searching for love in the wrong places.

Dreaming Big – Short Film

Dreaming Big
Written, directed, edited and voice by Lucian Vasile
Script by Laura Suen
Shot by Ciprian Dumitrascu
Actor#1: Andrei Iliescu
Actor#2: Matei Iliescu
special thanks to Mihai Publik

A L8 Film Production

“…I look at life as a journey. It’s not always clear which way to go. At each fork, we make choices and open doorways”