iPhone Math Prototype

iphone math prototypeHow do you think the new iPhone will look like?

At this moment the internet is full of rumours and pictures with prototypes, but one video particularly caught my attention, because it looked very realistic.

This prototype video of the new iPhone, which by the way apparently will be named iPhone Math, is made by a russian website.

The new specs are quite impressive. The new iPhone it will have a 4.8 inch display which will make room for another row, which together will be six, a 12 MP back camera, and also costumers will be able to choose from different colours, not just black and white.

The one who did this prototype video said  that his idea is based on the rumours that are about the new iPhone which will be lunched in June this year.

Now the question is: we will see this giant on the market this summer?  I’m looking forward to see it in the store and own it.


Here is the video that I was talking about:

Source: http://appledigger.ru/news/video-prototip-iphone-math-s-4-8-displeem/