Man of Steel 2013

Man of Steel 2013We have now a new reason to look forward for the summer. Yesterday I was talking about the release of iPhone 5s in June, but I think this is even more relevant. Indeed as we had other iPhones we had other Superman movies, but this kind of movie is way more rare and probably brings more excitement than any product it will be launched in the near future.  I believe that almost everybody saw at least one Superman movie when he was a child, and probably you also wished to be as strong as he was, now you can recall those moments by watching the new movie. When I watched the #2trailer it gave me some chills, and I really believe that the story will not end with this movie. Now the question is it will Superman join the Avengers in the next movies, or is this gonna take the place of the Batman series?

If its something I don’t like about this is how Clark Kent looks like, is not as handsome as it used to be…  the other versions looked way better. (and maybe the fact that I have to wait more than six months to watch it on the big screen)

“He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready… What do you think?”

iPhone 5s – Photos


Like I said in a previous post, in December of this year the test production of iPhone 5s was going to start. Now that we are already in the month of December, we should see some proof of the existence of this new Apple product.

Few hours ago I just discovered that some unofficial pictures of the iPhone 5s case have been released on the internet. On the outside it looks  identically with the 5 edition, but inside you can see some changes, that will make room for new components. The rumours say that iPhone 5s will come with a new processor quad-core A7, and with a new operational system, iOS 7.

The mass production will start in the first trimester of 2013 and probably will be available for the consumers before september 2013.

Here are the leaked pictures:

iPhone 5s back

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

iphone5sUnofficial sources say that Apple will begin trial production (50.000 100.000 units) of iPhone 5s  in December 2012, and will be lunched earlier than expected. The actual production will begin in the first quarter of 2013.

What adjustments will Apple make to the new device, guess we’ll have to wait and see :)