Samsung Curved OLED TV

OLED Samsung Curved TV

The new Samsung OLED TV presented at the CES 2013 has a curved display which gives the effect of depth for the content you watch on it. So this way the person who watch a movie on this tv will be able to see images with a strong panoramic effect, which you can’t get from a Flat screen TV.

Samsung did a good job by improving the quality of the OLED TV curved screens, which will assure a bigger number of consumers that will benefit of a new great experience.

The screen has a 55 inch diagonal, and the curved shape is special designed so no matter from what position or distance you are looking at the screen the visual field is the same. According to Samsung the curved screen will create an IMAX viewing experience.

For the moment no information was released regarding screen resolution or the price.

We are looking forward for the second half of 2013 to see the product on the market.

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