There are already 11 days since november ended, and the moustaches didn’t disappeared yet. Movebmer affected a lot of people, in special the youngest ones. So now the cold is coming and the moustaches are at a high risk to freeze, what can we do? It’s there any remedy for this poor moustaches to be kept worm during this low temperatures? (well, other than cutting them off)… Fortunately somebody thought about you too, and their brains  cooked something special for the facial hair. And this things are not useful just for the moustaches, but also for the beards, so everything will be protected and warm.

Snorg Tees is the brand that produced this amazing hats/moustaches/beards covers. This things looks so funny that makes you  grow a beard just to be able to wear one (you can try them even you don’t have hair on the face, you can always pretend that’s something there, it will be your secret). Beside this funky hats, you can find other special things on their website, like personalized t-shirts, hoodies, and much more. If you have prepared some humour for  this Holidays , you can check their online store, and for sure you’ll find a perfect gift with personality for everybody you know. You’ll not only bring something new for friends and family but also a smile on their faces.(for sure it will be a present hard to forget).

One more thing, I forgot to specify that Now they have an Extended Holiday Sale, with 15% off from Everythig. Go ahead and browse through their products, and I guarantee that you’ll find at least one thing that you’ll like.

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