SONY Playstation 4

Dualshock 4 - Playstation 4

Yesterday Sony announced their new gaming platform- the Playstation 4. Unfortunately the did not actually display the device, but instead focused on the technical specifications.

The Playstation 4 console will be equipped with an AMD Jaguar CPU x86-64 8 nucleus processor, which will be able to reach two teraflops processing power. The graphics processor is still from AMD, and it will contain 18 computation units and 8GB GDDR5, which will go up to 176 GB/s. It will have an integrated Wi-Fi b/g/n, ethernet, Bluetooth and all kinds of auxiliary audio-video output.

What we were allowed to actually see at this showing was the new console controller; the “Dualshock 4”. It consists of two joysticks, four triggers, a direction pad, the iconic triangle, cross, circle and square buttons, a touchpad in the middle, and finally a PlayStation “blue light bar” across the top.

Other things that they presented were a new Cloud service called PlayStation Cloud, and a list of new PS4 games: The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy, Deep Down, Diablo 3, Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dog, Destiny among others.

Another significant upgrade that we will see in this new system will be a new camera – the “PlayStation 4 Eye”, which will actually be composed of two cameras and four microphones, allowing for better detection and interaction with the players’ movements and voice.

The product will be out in stores sometime in the upcoming winter season, probably around Christmas, with a price estimated to be around $429 – $529.

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