nVidia’s first smartphone

nVidia first smartphone Phoenix A few weeks ago officials from nVidia announced that they will soon be entering the cell phone market. The company has now revealed their plans for a smartphone called “Phoenix”.

Phoenix has a 5″ display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is equipped with a 13 MP back camera, and is only 8mm thick. This intelligent “small box”  will come equipped with a Tegra 4i processor, PRISM II chipset, DirectTouch Architecture, Chimera Computational Photography Architecture and 4G LTE. Tegra 4i is the highest performing single chip smartphone processor. It has a 2.3 Ghz Quad CPU, a 60 Core GPU and an SDR LTE (72 Core for superphone/Tablet ) in a package half the size of competing chips. Not only is this technological development interesting, but the source of inspiration for the phone’s name.

Apparently “Phoenix” was drawn from the X-men franchise, where the character, Jean Grey receives the nickname Phoenix as a mutant that possesses the power to control minds, communicate telepathically and manipulate objects through telekinesis.

Inspite of all this background, we are still awaiting for the final details, including a launch date.

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