Next Holiday destination

space CSS Where do you plan to spend the Holidays? Some of you will opt for a hot Caribbean destination, others will go to some different ski resorts, and most of you will probably stay home with your families. There are some who are not satisfied with any of this options, and they are looking all the time for something new, extravagant and different, out of this world… Hmm, out of this world you say, actually now you can do that too…

How? It’s quite simple actually if you have $1 million dollars to spare for this season, then you can choose a vacation that literally will make you flow. This new experience is possible since the Russian  spatial station CSS, was made a touristic destination. The CSS was the home for scientific missions and is situated  at  217 miles distance from Earth. The space station can host seven tourist at a time, and their comfort will be considerably better than  astronauts usually benefits.

To get there you will have to travel two days at the board of a Soyuz racket (this is actually the expensive part -the ticket is $826.000), and after you arrive, you will be enjoying the most beautiful view for five days (this five days will actually cost you extra $165.000).

I know that the price is a bit high, but look at the bright side, after all of this, you will have the most exciting story to tell to your friends and relatives, plus the memories that priceless.

space CSS 2

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