Microsoft low-cost OS

Windows BlueNobody can deny the success of the Apple’s OS, which was perfectly designed to fit the hardware. The fact that Apple’s OS is based on a Linux system made them even more trusty and from here the popularity. Another good and important comparison is the price that it always was very good, an everyone could afford to upgrade to the next generation. On the other side stays Windows OS, which is covering a large part of the market, but it’s also well-known that this is not very stable and the blue screen – fatal error has been the front page subject for many years. The price for Windows operating system was always a little bit pricey so many people didn’t had the chance to upgrade, that’s why probably now in 2012 there are over 40% of Microsoft users that still use Windows XP. This year in October, Windows 8 came on the market, and as usually there have been many bugs and problems with it from the beginning. Even the new interface raised some questions. And like we were used, the product wasn’t cheap either. Now I believe that Windows finally learned from its mistakes and apparently it’s going to make some big changes. Two months later rumours say that Microsoft is already working at a new secret project. Their target is to make a new improved and accessible operating system that will be very cheap or maybe even free. The idea is to build an OS that will bring updates more often and easily to the customers, something similar with Apple’s updating system. The released date it’s estimated to be in the mid of 2013, when all the developers will be pushed to build apps for the new windows, and all the software engineers will have to cease their work  for windows 8 applications, because those will no longer be accepted. This will be Windows way to push everybody towards their new “image”.

But apparently will be a catch, in order to upgrade to the free OS you’ll have to prove that you already have Windows 8 license – I don’t see the logic of this, I know that’s the way they’ll make money, but why would you make something free when there’s a big price to pay for it – .

There weren’t made any official statements about this new product, but I’m looking forward to see how Windows will impress me this time.

By the way, a codename for this Windows is already traveling across the internet, Windows Blue…

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