Malware predictions for 2013

2013 Predictions

#1. Spam, yes we didn’t get rid of it yet. In the last trimester of 2012 the spam looked like is getting less aggressive, which is kind of true. The big problem is that the spam that is still out there and in 2013 we will have to deal with the most dangerous one that are left.

#2. Bad apps for Facebook. Because everyday we look to make ourselvesmore comfortable  we start to use different apps that promise to provide us with statistics and useful tools that will make our page attractive and easier to customize. This are big scams that will try to redirect us to dubious websites that invite us to install dangerous toolbars – which is the actual gate through which they will enter and will invade your personal life.

#3. Today everybody can translate texts, messages or even whole websites from a foreign language to their native language with just few clicks. In 2013 viruses will also use this simple trick to translate they malicious information so any person from this Earth to be a potential victim.

#4. In 2013 hackers will redirect their attention to Windows 8 vulnerabilities, since many people travel to this new OS, from 7, Vista, or XP. The main target will be the kernel of Windows 8.

#5. The virtual world, more exactly the Cloud servers will make another main attraction for the attackers. Especially now when so many user prefer this as a storage option.

#6. Another big threat for all of us were, are and will be the applications that can access remotely our infected computers, and from there you can only imagine what will happen further. (eg.:they can easily collect your personal information and data.)


My simple advice is to keep your eyes wide open all the time when you’re surfing the internet. Don’t download applications that don’t have a good reference, and always try to read the agreements that you “sign”. Also don’t trust Ads or people who promise a new, better life over the night (there’s not such thing), the only thing this pirates will do is to drive you on a dark alley and stole everything you have.

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