Lep’s World – Walkthrough

If you are one of the Super Mario World fan, and that’s one of the game that made your childhood more exciting, then you’ll probably love this one too.

The graphics and the gameplay are basically the same, Mario is replaced with an Irish elf who lost his gold, and now he must go in this adventure to find it. In this journey he will have to fight with all kind of creatures and to collect everything that he will find.
The game is free, and you can download it from the App Store. It has 4 incredible levels, 5 different themes, 9 challenging enemies.

Also there is Pro version, which for $0.99 brings 24 more levels for you to enjoy.

The story get’s a little more complicated in the second release of the game – Lep’s World 2 -, when our character has to save his friends and family by defeating the evil wizard who kidnaped them.

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