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When the “changing season” comes, it’s better to open up you mind and look around, do comparisons, see what’s the best for you and go for it.

Don’t be afraid of change, especially when we are talking about operating systems. But if you wanna combine something new with a great experience, than OS X can be the correct option.

Here are some good reasons to go for an Apple operating system instead upgrading to Windows 8.

The first one is the hardware, and simply because it’s good quality and it has a brilliant inside design. But Apple doesn’t make only the hardware, but also the operating system, which will make the whole machine more stable because of the great compatibility.

When you enrol to buy a Mac, you’ll not receive just the basic package – the hardware -… When you buy a Mac you get everything you need in the same box, and one of this cool things is iLife , which is a suite of programs that’ll help you get “in business” right away.

In matter of security, an Apple computer is not affected by any Windows viruses, and intruders will be kept away from your computer.

Having a Mac doesn’t necessarily means that you have to say goodbye forever to Windows. If you really miss the old interface, or a specific application, then you have the possibility to install a Windows OS on a Mac, and in that way you can enjoy two operating systems integrated under the same roof.

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