Jackie Chan and Samsung

A new release from Samsung. The SCH-W2013 it’s the flip smartphone that will use some kung-fu techniques to capture your attention. I say that because the promoter of this product, it’s the famous actor Jackie Chan. A big banner was already published on the internet, in which the picture of the actor is very expressive, and inspires calm and luxury in the same time.

This gadget can be seen only on the Chinese Samsung website, and probably they will release it only in China.

Now it’s time to see what brings new this phone and if the price reflects its qualities.


– Two 3.7 inch, 800x 480 AMOLED screen;


-1.4 Ghz CPU


-16 GB flash storage, expandable to 64 GB with a micro SD;

-2 cameras: front camera 1.8 MP and the back one 8MP;

-Android 4.0

– dimensions: 60 x 117.2 x 16, 83mm

With this specs, what price would you expect to pay. There is nothing official but it would probably be around $3000.

Would you buy a phone that is so pricey?

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