Instagram makes it clear

Instagram To sell or not to sell. To delete or not to delete. This are the questions.

The questions that bothered many people this days. I’m talking about the new policy of Instagram which will be introduced in January of 2013. The change happened after this photo/social app was bought by Facebook, and after the announcement of this new client policy the world revolted and many people decided that until January they will delete their photos and they will close their accounts. Indeed, anybody would be revolted when money are made from their work, but they don’t receive nothing in return. Well, the truth is not really like this, because after all nothing in this world doesn’t come for free, and until now the beauty of the Instagram came for free, so nobody paid nothing, and no advertise bothered the users during their experience. Now after hundred of million of dollars have been spent on this, a decision had to be made, and there were two options, one to introduce advertisement in the application, or second to do what they just did, and that to commercialize somehow the content of the Instagram (which in this case are the photos that all the user uploaded every day). Indeed the issue appeared when a personal photo could be used without any notice and without asking your permission. After all this noise, Instagram officials came forward and said that the things aren’t really like this and they will try to explain better the situation and the clauses of the new agreement. One thing Kevin wanted to clarify before the release of the new policy, that no photo will be commercialized without any compensation.

The new policy will change things, so Instagram will be able to financially auto sustain itself. (they also have to pay bills, salaries, and many other things)…

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