High Performance Ski Boots

Apex Ski Boots MC-2 High Performance

Apex Ski Boots MC-2 High Performance Winter is almost here, and so the ski season. But are you ready for it?

If you think is time to upgrade your gear, I would like to suggest you to start with the ski boots.

I found this great new pair, Apex Sky Boots MC-2, which promises to give you the best comfort combined with the high performance, so you can enjoy the ride all the way down.

The quality of this boots would definitely satisfy every skier out there.

A great feature, is that when you want to take a break, you will not have to struggle anymore to walk with the uncomfortable boots, because Apex has an ingenious system that you can simply open up and walk normally.

Some other great features:

Dual-reel Boa Focus lacing system for precise independent dual zone fit.

  • High-modulus fiber reinforced Open Chassis
  • Performance-fit heat moldable liner
  • Tunable, A-Flex Suspension System

You can purchase this boots from the official website of Apex http://apexskiboots.com , where you can also find other three similar products, CF-3 which is even better than MC-2, but I didn’t talk about it because they are currently out of stock,  ML-1 and MC 1.

The MC-2 it’s a little bit pricey, $995.00, but I would say it worths the money.

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