Google Maps on iOS 6 Tonight

Google maps for iOS 6

Big Event Tonight.

The solution for the iOS annoying built-in map will be available tonight. Before iOS6 Apple worked with Google for the map app, and everything was beautiful and smooth, after they quit this partnership everything started to look like an ugly storm, all thunders and dark clouds. Lately many people from Australia stranded in wilderness because of iOS maps, and even the police find this app dangerous… so if this is not a cry for change then I don’t know what else should happen.

After this months of anguish, and with other non official releases, we can see a ray of light, and hopefully the rainbow after the app will be available tonight in the App Store.  Google Maps was already available for Android, and now we hope that all the features will be available on the iOS too, one of them is the Navigation system turn-by-turn. Neither Google or Apple made any official statement about this release, but we are waiting for their confirmation.

Right now I’m with my eyes on the App Store to see the exact time when Google Maps will be released. (be sure that I’m gonna let you know when the app is out there)

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