Giveaway announcement

It’s time for some good news from Lucky’s

There are almost three months since the website is out there on the Internet, and in all this time I received some good feedbacks from the readers and in the same time  some advises which I will consider, because I wanna give you a good experience while you’re spending your time here.

One of my resolutions for this year is to repay my followers as much as I can, and not only with information and advises but also with things that can be touched.

For the beginning this will happen biweekly, when one of you will receive the giveaway prize which I will try to announce it with one or two weeks before the two weeks of selection.

If you wanna participate at this giveaway the only think that you’ll have to do is to subscribe to my website, and after that after every two weeks I will choose a winner from the subscribers that signed up during those two weeks.

The first Giveaway will be on February 15, so I will count the subscribers starting with February 1. For the first giveaway I will announce the prize next Monday – January 21.

Good luck to all of you, and I really hope that you’ll appreciate this gifts that I have for you.

You will find more updated details on the Giveaway section.

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