Galaxy Nexus 4 – issues?

Nexus 4-issuesThere have been only 11 days since the launch of Google’s new smartphone, Nexus 4, and people are already complaining about issues that drives them crazy.

Usually when you buy something high rated and quite expensive, you aspect to own good quality, not to be served with issues.

The issues that people complain about Nexus 4 are related to the sound. One of the issues is that whether is on or off the you can hear a weird buzz that comes from the earpiece area. Another problem, again with the sound, is that when you make a phone call you can hear a distorted sound. What it’s this problem? To be honest with you, this problems reminded me of scenes from spy movies, when the phones were bugged and when the device interfered with a radio wave started to  make funny noises. It’s this the case or it’s just a hardware problem?

I leave you to put the verdict of this problem…

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