Facebook Hashtags


facebook hashtagsFacebook has announced that they will soon introduce the well known hashtag to its users.
Hashtags are basically a way of connecting ideas users are posting about together through the use of a # after certain key words. So far the most well known social media to use hashtags has been Twitter. Others like Vine, Google Plus and Instagram followed suit. When Twitter first started using them, it was kind of unique. Now this distinctiveness will be further eroded as Facebook plans to introduce a similar feature to help its users more easily find what they are searching for…
Introducing this service, Facebook would seem to further threaten Twitter’s existence. One may say that nothing will happen to the Twitter audience as Google Plus and Instagram have long been using it now. The fact is though, that Facebook has millions of users unlike these other two, which can be used to influence Twitter’s activity. Overall this appears to be another small step towards Twitter’s demise at the hands of the social media giant.

Twitter has also announced a new service, Twitter Music, which will be available on all iOS devices. This service will allow users to follow their favourite artists and songs, while making recommendations to friends.

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