Entertainment at a good price

entertainmentWho doesn’t want to relax after a long day at work, or when is stuck in boring places for hours, and you can’t find anything to kill the time with. Or another more common example, if you live in the suburbs but you work in downtown and the main transportation between this two points is the bus, then you’d probably like to make that time more comfortable.

Well, you can, and that possibility is out there for a while, and it became more accessible with all the new gadgets that “invaded” the market. The only problem is how to decide which is the best solution. There are so many options. From my point of view, it should be something good and in the same time not very expensive. Usually in that class enter the movies and sometime games – but for a movie you don’t have to spend too much energy like you’d use for a game, that means it’s a better way to relax-.

Now every smart device can play movies, and the good part in all of this is that this option is so mobile that you don’t even have to store in your device the information, because you can actually stream it online.

You’ll probably say that this is not really the best solution, because it can get very expensive, movies aren’t cheap, not even to rent them. On this one I have to agree with you, and it’s a reality that not everybody can afford to buy a movie everyday.

I’m glad to say that it’s a very good way for saving money and spending the “dead” time in the company of a good movie. How is this possible? Many of you already  know the answer to this question, but it’s always good to spread the word.

The name of the solution is Netflix.

Netflix is a website that will provide you with a very wide selection of movies, tv shows and documentaries. For all this you will only have to pay less than you usually pay for one movie. Right now their database is pretty impressive, and they don’t stop here, usually you’ll see that new movies are uploaded every month.

Another good thing about Netflix is the “intelligent”  video player, that works perfectly on all the platforms and all the devices. Basically , this player remembers at what point your movie stopped, or paused, and it helps you to play from exactly where you left, not only on the same device, but you can migrate from a pc to a mobile device or vice versa, and you’ll still be able to continue to watch the movie. This is a great feature that Netflix offer to all their subscribers,and also the liberty to watch all this when and where you want.

Also, if you are planing to give this a try, you may have the chance to make a free “test drive” for a whole month. Now you can enjoy good movies at only $7,99/month.

P.S.: A new important update was released for Android devices, which fixes some bugs and brings a better video player that now will look more like the one from the official website: www.netflix.com

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