Do you need an iPad? /or what an iPad can do

IpadHere are the few things you can do with an iPad:

– Working with email.

You can set up your iPad to work with your current email address, and you’ll be able to add as many accounts you have.


– Surfing the internet

With the default web browser Safari you can easily work with a lot of features that you’ll find in the toolbar : Bookmarks, Address Bar, Reading, Tabas ( enables you to load multiple webpages simultaneously and then instantly switch between them).

You can easily synchronize your bookmarks with your primary computer, as well with your iPhone (for this feature you’ll need an iCloud account).


– Stay connected with your social network

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or  other social network, to promote your business, product, , or service to help positioning yourself as an expert in your field, to meet new people or simply to stay in touch with your friends and family, you can fully utilize this social networking websites using specialized apps available in the Apple Store.


 – Calendars, Reminders, and notification center app

You can easily organize your schedule using the Calendar app, which is designed to work seamlessly with Apple iCloud Service, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and other online-calendar services. This will enable you to synchronize your device with a personal computer or your phone.

Maintain detailed to-do list with using Reminders app which also can be synchronized with other devices, and other online services. With Reminders you can set up alarms for an upcoming deadline and also set another alarm for when that deadline has arrived.

Manage the alerts, alarms, notifications generated by your iPad using Notification center.


– Contact App

It’s an elaborated agenda, where you can store detailed information about every person in your contact list. You can synchronize your data from contact app with other contact manager software, like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Exchange, or synchronize with iCloud.


– App Store

Here you can find, download, and install optional apps for your iPad to extend it’s capabilities.

In order to determine if an app it worth to install on your tablet, follow this easy steps:

1.Figure out what kind of features and functionality you want to add to your iPad.

2. Use the search field to see what apps are there that are designed to handle the task that you have in mind.

3. Compare the various apps by reading their reviews and descriptions, and also the screenshots have gives you an idea about the interface of that specific app.

4. If an app have the option for a trial/lite version, download and test that app before you decide to purchase it’s full version.

5. Pay attention when you choose an app, because not all the apps are designed specifically for iPad.

 Periodically app developers improve the software, and in order to benefit from that app you’ll have to update it .


– Wireless printing and scanning via your iPad

iPad has build-in two impressive features: AirPrinting and Bluetooth, which are two different technologies that allows printers and scanners to communicate wirelessly with your tablet.


– Working with iCloud offers you the possibility to back up your iPad at any time.

– Synchronizing with iTunes gives you the possibility to stay connected with your movies, music, books and digital pictures that you have on your computer.


– Working with iWork: Pages, Numbers and Keynote

The best three designed apps for a business user are Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Pages is a full-featured word processor for iPad (it’s like Microsoft office for PC’s). Numbers it’s an extremely powerful spreadsheet management tool (Numbers is compatible with Excel from Microsoft).

Keynote is a versatile digital slide show presentation that enables you to create a showcase presentation on your iPad.


  • Microsoft offers third-party applications that enable you to view, create, edit, print and share Microsoft compatible files and documents that can be share with a Mac or a PC.
  1. The Documents To Go Premium – Office Suite app offers documents and data files compatible with Microsoft Office. With this app you’ll have the same functionality and features you get when you use Microsoft Office on a desktop.
  2. The Quick Office Pro Hd  app offers a comprehensive files and document creation tool that is compatible with Microsoft Office, Excel and Power-Point, and also has a feature use a cloud-service to share the files.

 – Access your primary computer remotely with your iPad


– Video-conference

Thanks to the tablet’s build in camera, microphone and speaker you can use your iPad as a video-conference tool, when you have access to internet. Facetime  is a free app designed specially for conferences with other Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod users.



– News and headlines from around the world

Read newspaper and magazines. You can subscribe to your favorite gazette and be able to read the publications instantly.


 – Photo camera and video recorder

Snap pictures and shoot videos with the integrated camera. Also you can edit what you recorded directly on iPad. Apple offer two optimized solutions for this:

  • iPhoto – offers many photo-related tools, easy add effects to your photos, add comments, use your fingertip to paint photo adjustments right where you need them, and more.
  • iMovie – with this app you can edit in a short time a video that you recorded on the iPad. You can pick a theme, add background music, split a scene in two.


– Play games

iPad takes the experience of a game to a new level.

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