Charge your Phone with a Cold Beer

Epiphany One Puck

Epiphany One Puck

How many times has your battery died on you, and especially when you needed it most?

“Epiphany One Puck” might be just the solution to your problems. That is because this battery charger does not need to be plugged into a socket in order to work. The secret to this device is a small engine that works with power generated from heat or cold; more specifically it works when the sensors that are installed on the surface feel a temperature variation. The device has two faces; one red and one blue with each corresponding to hot and cold drinks respectively. While the size may not be the most convenient feature, you can find it quite useful wherever you need electricity but may not have an outlet. If your battery is dead, and you have a cold beer with you, your problem is already solved.

If you are interested in purchasing this device you’ll have to be patient, as the release date is set for sometime next year with a price tag of around $100.

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