CES 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4Ready for more news about S4? Samsung is preparing a big launch for the first month of 2013. Somewhere between 08-11 January, we will se a new device from Apple’s #1 competitor.

Initially Samsung denied that any launched will be made at 2013 CES, but an official from the company revealed to a Korean newspaper that they have prepared something special in their  program. In the shared information we can find this keywords: AMOLED unbreakable and bendable screen that will have a density of 411 pixels per inch.

On top of this all this news are sustained by the recently released teaser, for the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show. The video doesn’t unveil too much, but it give’s the felling that under all the shadows it’s an S4 waiting to be showed. – “The World awaits something new- Get ready”

The officials of the South Korean company also announced the new quad-core processor: Exynos 5440 which we will most probably be Galaxy’s S4 heart (despite the earlier rumours about the 8core processor – maybe we will see that in a feature release [few months later…Galaxy S5?]).

All we have to do now is wait (no more than one month), the year of Snake will bring us new.

And before I close this post, I want to say we have some updates form Apple too. iPhone 5s will be released sooner that we expected, so at the beginning of 2013 Summer we will be enjoying another smartphone. Also some pictures shows that the new iPhone will be available in more than two colors.

I’m really curious how much 2013 technology will look to the one in Star Trek…


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