Apple is playing it too safe?

iOS7 Concept

In the past year, the iOS interface has not changed much, and this has been conceivably reflected in the first quarter sales of 2013. So at this point it’s safe to say; a face lift is needed.

An individual with a great sense for aesthetics, Phillip Joyce took a step in the right direction and presented an amazing concept showcasing that there’s plenty of room for change; not only in terms of interface, but also for the functionality of the device. Philip Joyce is the artistic director for a company called “Simplyzesty”, and his video provides a simple reflection of good imagination and creativity. The iPhone’s new interface has been completely revamped for a stimulating viewing experience, and the widgets that are often so useful in our day to day lives can now be found in a better place on the home screen. Compared with the current screen, the concept shows us one that no longer filled with static icons, but with a beautiful dynamism that keeps one informed about the weather, and a list of your favorite music. Now I don’t think Apple will find this concept inspiring unfortunatly, but I at least hope to see a relaunch and something more appealing at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s conference from June 10-14 in San Fancisco.

Apple needs to know we need bigger screens and a reinvented interface!

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