Another Head Down


In September 2013, Apple launched a new map system integrated in the new iOS 6 and in the new iPhone 5. This new maps system should have change the way Google worked and presented the world so far. It should’ve been better, smoother and more accurate. But since the release date the new maps are a big disappointment for most users. The maps service for iOS 6 felt more like a downgrade from the previous version. One of the problem is that if you are near of a location, and you try to find it with Maps system, most likely, it will show you another location with a similar name but hundreds kilometres away from the current place. Another downside of the Maps is that the Street View from Google Maps couldn’t be replace,  and the 3D street view just wasn’t the same. Again, public transportation information wasn’t there anymore, a feature which was quite helpful.

Apparently all the time spent and all the resources that Apple invested in this new service were lost in vain. After all the bad feedback that was received from the customers, the company made an investigation and the result was that the one who was guilty is actually the head of Maps department Richard Williamson.

Richard Williamson didn’t even wanted to hear when he was made guilty for the  situation and when he was asked to apologize in front of the Apple customers he simply refused, so CEO Tim Cook, had to do this in his place. Apparently all this were too much and Richard Williamson was fired. Now this is a big step, but this action is not enough for the rest of the world. People are waiting now to receive something in return, not only Williamson’s “blood” but actually a change in their phone, a change if not in better at least as it was before iOS6. When this will happen? Nobody knows, yet…

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