Angry Birds – Star Wars

A long time ago, in a far, far away galaxy

 Angry Birds - Star Wars

Good news people :

Rovio Entertainment released a new episode: Angry Birds Star Wars


The characters that you are already used with from the previous releases (Angry Birds Rio, Space, Seasons) now are ready for a new battle, with new powers and new outfits.

 Luke Skywalker – Red Bird

  • now this bird can cut almost everything with his new Lightsaber

 Obi Wan Kenobi – Black Bird

  • this character it’s empowered with Jedi Force Push, so he can push objects towards enemies, or even fling the baddies themselves.

 Rebellion Fighter – The Blue Birds

  • when they are lunched this little blue birds split in three ways, so they can make three-time more damage.

 Chewbacca – Big Bro

  • the biggest bird took the role of Chewbacca, but his powers remain the same, relying on brute force.

 Han Solo – Yellow Bird

  • his new blaster allows him to shoot three laser shots, which can bounce off metal and destroy objects.

 C -3PO – White Bird

  • this time the white bird will stop dropping exploding eggs, because he’s the one who will explode, and with his shrapnel will hit everything in his way.

 R2 D2 – The Egg

  • this time the white egg has his on role. He has a chain lightning power that will shock enemies into oblivion.

 Princess Leia – Pink Bird

  • this bird comes packaged with a cool little tractor beam skill that pulls objects and enemies towards her.

Even the piggies are costumed properly for this scene, they appear as Sand Piggies and Stormtrooper Piggies.


Available to download now on iOS, Google Play, PC, Amazon, Mac, Windows 8 & WP8!


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