Android device – basic introduction


The first Set-Up of you device will be probably made by the employee of the store where you purchased it.

In order to use most of the services available on the Android you’ll have to get a Google account (the account is free and takes only few minutes to set-up), after a synchronization will be requested to be made between the device and the new account.

Your Home Screen

-It’s the place where you can place shortcuts, widgets, and your most used applications.

-You can access your home screen, by pressing the Home button (all Android phones includes a button like this)


-You can organize your applications by sorting them into groups, so you can find them easily at any time.


-At the top of your screen is the Notification centre, where you will see alerts and what’s going on.

Common Notifications:

  • Alarm
  • Bluetooth (ON/OFF)
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Network indicator
  • Airplane mode
  • Synchronization
  • Connected to USB
  • Battery life
  • Application is downloading
  • Call in progress
  • You have a voicemail
  • Unread text message
  • Phone is connected to a car mount
  • Media Share is detected
  • Applications updates are available

Some apps that you’ll install, have their own notifications.  In order to see details about your notifications, you just have to press your finger on the top bar and slide it down.

Settings Categories

Wireless and Networks Allows access to turn Wi-Fi on and off and configure settings to allow phone to connect to (or serve as) Wi-Fi hot spots, as well as Bluetooth settings and other mobile networks
 Call Settings  You can set up your voice mail, configure call forwarding and call waiting, and other options relating to using your phone as a Phone
 Sound Set ringtones, notification sounds, and volume
 Display You can also configure the screen’s brightness and how long the screen will stay on
 Battery and Datta Manager Use this controls to configure which application can remain synchronized with online services
 Location and Security Set your location and manage security settings such as requiring pattern input to unlock your phone
 Accounts Manage your Google, social networking, and carrier specific accounts
 Search Customize Google search settings
 Privacy Configure settings to back up and restore data and perform a factory reset of the device
 Storage Mounts or unmounts the  SD cards to allow access to it from a desktop computer and enables you to see how much space you have left
 Date and Time Set the formats for date and time display
 Language and Keyboard Controls the language and regional settings for phone
 Accessibility Enables options to make your phone easier to use if you have a disability such as reduced hearing or vision, or a mobility impairment
 About phone Find out which version of Android you are using, what applications are chewing up your battery, and read legalese stuff about Android.

Android DeviceRingtones

– Are easy to personalize and you can also set up a song from your playlist as a ringtone

Orientation and Accelerometer

– Use Orientation and Accelerometer for a better gaming and application experience; You also have to option to turn this off, when you want the device to remain in portrait mode.

Other Things you can do with an Android:

– Change the Wallpaper;

– Get emails on your device;

– Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter);

– To-do list;

– Alarm Clock;

– Google Calendar;

– Google Navigation/Maps/ GPS/ Live Traffic/ Street View

– Music:

  • Rip CD’s
  • Synch with PC
  • Download Albums
  • Purchase music via Amazon MP3
  • Create Playlists
  • Listen to Internet Radio
  • Download and listen Podcasts

– Take Pictures

  • Download them on your PC
  • Enable GPS on your camera to find out where you took the picture
  • Edit pictures on your device

– Capture Video

  • View
  • Share
  • Edit

– Watch Streaming Content ( Netflix, Hulu, HBO);

– Video Chat;

– Surf the internet;

– Work with PDF / Microsoft Office Documents;

– Read e-Books;

– Play Games:

  • Puzzle
  • Classic Board
  • Action
  • Card
  • Classic
  • Web-based

android app store

Cool Apps For Android 


  1. Google Sky Maps
  2. Where
  3. Yelp
  4. IMDb
  5. OI Shopping list
  6. TIP calculator
  7. Evernote
  8. Kayak
  9. WeatherBug
  10. Wapedia
  11. Favorite Recipes
  12. Cocktail Hero
  13. Scare Center
  14. BarCode Scanner
  15. Google Translate
  16. Gesture Search
  17. Pulse
  18. Square

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