Advertisement for Marijuana

After the Marijuana have been made legal, all the people of the Colorado State (with the legal age – over 21) will have access to the “relaxing” and “recreational” products. The question that comes with this is, once the Marijuana is out there on the legal market, is how this product will be promoted? We will see big banners on the streets and/or in the bus stations? Or we will see advertisement on TV that will promote the consume of this hallucinogen substance?  If it will be like this, what exactly they will tell us about it, how they will sell their lies?

In the meantime I thought to give them a hand, by presenting my idea, about how the Ad should look like. (they can feel free to use it.)

powerd by marijuana

Do you have any other ideas? If you do, please send them to me, and I’ll make sure to promote them here.

BTW, what’s your opinion about this “big” step, do you think legalizing marijuana will solve some problems, and if so, what problems?

Another question is, where they will cultivate it, because by January 2014  retail marijuana establishments should be up and running . Will they contract the ex illegal dealers, or will they create new spaces like some farms, where they will “improve” the product so the production to be made faster and bigger?


Do you need marijuana to feel better? Why? 

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