A Big Warning for Facebook Users

Facebook users, a dangerous app from Google Web Store is already making victims.

This app gives you the opportunity to change the colour of your Facebook page, -that’s what they say- . In reality this app will collect all your authentication data from your computer, and other personal information.

After they TAKE all your information, they create blogs using your email address. On this blogs they put some attractive adds that invites you to make easy money working by home – which by the way it’s a very dirty way to steal money from you.

Also, they post messages on your Facebook timeline, using your name. This messages invites your friends to go to those blog pages to sign up in their program.

Please be careful and don’t let this crooks to mess with your life, personal information and with your money. Unfortunately already 38.000 Facebook users have installed this app, which is still available on Google Web Store.

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