41 MP Smartphone Camera

Nokia 41 MP

Are you using  your smart phone as a primary photo camera? Then prepare yourself to make amazing photos with this 41 MP Smartphone Camera.

Nokia is preparing to get in this competition using different “weapons” than the competition. And this is one of kind “weapon” is a 41 MP Carl Zeiss camera which would make even a professional camera jealous. Most likely this feature will be integrated in a new Lumia phone. The unveiling of this new device will be probably made at MWC 2013, and it will wear a name that it will fit it well – Nokia EOS.

This is not gonna be the first time we will see this camera, Nokia presented this model in 2012 and it was available with the Pureview 808. The problem is now that some specialists say that this is not actually a 41 MP camera, but a 5 MP one with a bigger density per pixel, so there are seven pixel combined in a single one.

Now we just have to see how the Finns company will deal with the other components and how they make this new phone go straight to the top of the wish list.

Here’s a look back at the Pureview 808:

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