BlackBerry Z10


Everything started with a name change, from RIM(Research in Motion) into BlackBerry…

Wednesday 30 January 2013, in New York, Thorsten Heins introduced a new touch screen phone, BlackBerry Z10, which will use the new BB10 OS.


The BlackBerry Z10  is the phone that can change the faith of BlackBerry company, this is the last hope for a triumphal return in the top wanted smartphones market.

Now the question is if they will be able to regain their clients which chose to migrate to Apple or Samsung platforms.

BlackBerry Z10 specs:


  • Heigh 130 mm
  • Width  65.6 mm
  • Depth 9 mm

-1,5 GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor


-4.2 inch LCD with a 1280×768 resolution, 356 ppi

-dual-band Wi-Fi

-Bluetooth 4.0


-16 GB internal storage

-microSD card (up to 32GB)

-8 MP rear camera

-2 MP front camera

-1080p HD video recording


-NFC technology integrated

-removable 1800 mAh battery (up to 10 hours talk time – 3G)

A great feature of the BlackBerry OS 10 is that users can check their emails, calendar and other updates without having to exit the current app you’re using.


The price for BBZ10 is $149.99 with a 3 year Agreement and 349 with a 2 Year Agreement.

OPPO Find 5

OPPO, a Chinese company, recently revealed a new super slim smartphone, which is willing to compete with the big boys. OPPO Find 5

OPPO Find 5 has a lot of potential, because is coming on the market with the promise of a smooth experience, bringing amazing features integrated in a stylish phone.

The launching event took place in an art centre in Beijing, where over 500 people were present.

One of the coolest feature is the impressive 1080p LCD display, with a 441 PPI pixel density.

Here are the other specs:
– Snapdragon S4Pro quad-core chip clocked at 1.5 GHz

– Adreno 350 GPU – graphic processor

– 2GB of RAM

– 5-inch touch screen display with a 1920×1080 resolution

  • Capable to take 100 photos at 5 per second in the Burst mode
  • 12o FPS video recording

– Rear camera – 13MP, with an F/2.2 aperture

– Front camera – 1.9 MP

– 16 GB storage (no option to expand via microSD card)

– 2500 mAh battery

– Dirac HD sound

– NFC technology integrated

– Super slim 3,25 mm

– No 4G LTE


This is the official OPPO video:

Scorpion Protein and Brain Tumours

Apparently the protein that can be extracted from the scorpions venom can be useful for Brain Tumour Surgeons. This substance make’s the tumour glow and that can help the surgeon to see exactly what’s the tumour and can extract it more exactly decreasing the risks of affecting other parts of the brain.

This video explains better the process and how this protein can be used.

Bringing Light | Bert Klasey, Chris Baron & James Allen Smith from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

New iPads


Apple announced that they will release a new iPad with double the previous highest capacity, a 132 GB with Retina Display. The new iPad will be available on the market starting with February 5th. There will not be any change in the design, and neither other features will be changed. The price for the Wi-Fi version will be $799 and for the Wi-Fi + Cellular $929.

The increased capacity will allow users to store more photos, books, movies, tv shows, music and apps. This new device is targeting the business users, who can afford this version.

Later this year we are expecting another iPad (iPad 5), slimmer and lighter, that will probably look like an enlarged version of the iPad mini, but with a Retina Display.

How many iPads we will see this year? I guess at least 3 new versions.

Tony Stark Technology

Tony Stark Technology it’s closer than you can think. Tony Stark technology

Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese tech company just revealed a smartphone prototype with a  transparent body. Today we can see the proof that technology is speeding up, so fast that this device can be on the market by the end of 2013.  The battery, circuitry and a set of components will be transparent. You will be able to see MicroSD card Nano Sim, and some circuits and the processor. The downside is that for now the touch screen is limited to a small area, which will take us from the comfort zone that we are used with.

For the moment there are no details regarding the display resolution, processor, graphic chipset, and their frequency of use. Another big question is what kind of operating system this phone will run.

Per total we will have to deal with an attractive design which will bring us closer to our favourite SF movies technology.

Here are two pictures with the actual prototype where Serena Chen, Deputy Manager of Polytron technologies, Inc. displays the prototype of a transparent cellphone in Taoyuan City, northern Taiwan, 21 January 2013.

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

Linux basic commands

Linux logo

Momentarily I’m working at a more complex list of Linux command, but for now  I’m giving you this little preview with basic commands which you can use in a Linux environment.



whoami confirms the current user
hostname confirms the current domain
clear remove previous content from the terminal
exit close the shell terminal window
reboot restart your system
pwd shows the current working directory
logname reveals the name of the user who began the shell session
su login as the root superuser
who -r see the run level details
echo prints out any arguments supplied to the command
env displays a list of standard “environment variables”
cd switch to any directory with the absolute address as argument
cd~ return to home directory
cd.. moves up one directory
-a see all the directory content
-l see long format listing for each item
-t sort the content by the time they were created or last modified
-o supress group ownership details
-g supress user ownership details
basename extract the name of a file, program, or directory from the end of the path address
dirname remove the final part of path address to a file
mkdir create a new directory
rmdir remove directories from the shell
mv move files around your Linux system
cp copy a file to a new location
rm delete one or more files named as its arguments
readlink discover the target to which a symbolic link is pointing
stat list every important atribute pf the file stated as its argument
touch change the last accessed and last modified timestamp attribute of a file
cmp check if two files are identical
cksum generates a Cyclic Redundancy check value and includes the files byte size in the output
find locates a file in the shell
cat view a text file in the shell
head lets you preview the first ten lines of a text file
tail lets you preview the last ten lines of a text file
sort display lines of a text sorted alphabetically
grep displays all lines from a text file that contain a specific string or pattern
look output all lines of text from a file that begins with a specified prefix
gzip compact one or more files into a single archive
unzip extract the contents of an compressed archive
df shows how filesystems are being used, by indicating free space
fsck check for integrity and errors
kill terminate a process
useradd create a new user
chfn change personal information details of an user
finger shows the personal details of any specified user
date displays the date, time, and timezone
cal display a calendar of the current month, and highlights the current day
if config displays  the network interface configuration
ping tests if a computer is reachable across the network
ftp launches an interactive FTP console
lpr takes a filename or a path as its argument to establish a print job to send specified file to the printer
expr enables you to perform simple math calculations at the shell prompt

Jumping to Mac

Apple Logo

When the “changing season” comes, it’s better to open up you mind and look around, do comparisons, see what’s the best for you and go for it.

Don’t be afraid of change, especially when we are talking about operating systems. But if you wanna combine something new with a great experience, than OS X can be the correct option.

Here are some good reasons to go for an Apple operating system instead upgrading to Windows 8.

The first one is the hardware, and simply because it’s good quality and it has a brilliant inside design. But Apple doesn’t make only the hardware, but also the operating system, which will make the whole machine more stable because of the great compatibility.

When you enrol to buy a Mac, you’ll not receive just the basic package – the hardware -… When you buy a Mac you get everything you need in the same box, and one of this cool things is iLife , which is a suite of programs that’ll help you get “in business” right away.

In matter of security, an Apple computer is not affected by any Windows viruses, and intruders will be kept away from your computer.

Having a Mac doesn’t necessarily means that you have to say goodbye forever to Windows. If you really miss the old interface, or a specific application, then you have the possibility to install a Windows OS on a Mac, and in that way you can enjoy two operating systems integrated under the same roof.