Another Head Down


In September 2013, Apple launched a new map system integrated in the new iOS 6 and in the new iPhone 5. This new maps system should have change the way Google worked and presented the world so far. It should’ve been better, smoother and more accurate. But since the release date the new maps are a big disappointment for most users. The maps service for iOS 6 felt more like a downgrade from the previous version. One of the problem is that if you are near of a location, and you try to find it with Maps system, most likely, it will show you another location with a similar name but hundreds kilometres away from the current place. Another downside of the Maps is that the Street View from Google Maps couldn’t be replace,  and the 3D street view just wasn’t the same. Again, public transportation information wasn’t there anymore, a feature which was quite helpful.

Apparently all the time spent and all the resources that Apple invested in this new service were lost in vain. After all the bad feedback that was received from the customers, the company made an investigation and the result was that the one who was guilty is actually the head of Maps department Richard Williamson.

Richard Williamson didn’t even wanted to hear when he was made guilty for the  situation and when he was asked to apologize in front of the Apple customers he simply refused, so CEO Tim Cook, had to do this in his place. Apparently all this were too much and Richard Williamson was fired. Now this is a big step, but this action is not enough for the rest of the world. People are waiting now to receive something in return, not only Williamson’s “blood” but actually a change in their phone, a change if not in better at least as it was before iOS6. When this will happen? Nobody knows, yet…

Microsoft low-cost OS

Windows BlueNobody can deny the success of the Apple’s OS, which was perfectly designed to fit the hardware. The fact that Apple’s OS is based on a Linux system made them even more trusty and from here the popularity. Another good and important comparison is the price that it always was very good, an everyone could afford to upgrade to the next generation. On the other side stays Windows OS, which is covering a large part of the market, but it’s also well-known that this is not very stable and the blue screen – fatal error has been the front page subject for many years. The price for Windows operating system was always a little bit pricey so many people didn’t had the chance to upgrade, that’s why probably now in 2012 there are over 40% of Microsoft users that still use Windows XP. This year in October, Windows 8 came on the market, and as usually there have been many bugs and problems with it from the beginning. Even the new interface raised some questions. And like we were used, the product wasn’t cheap either. Now I believe that Windows finally learned from its mistakes and apparently it’s going to make some big changes. Two months later rumours say that Microsoft is already working at a new secret project. Their target is to make a new improved and accessible operating system that will be very cheap or maybe even free. The idea is to build an OS that will bring updates more often and easily to the customers, something similar with Apple’s updating system. The released date it’s estimated to be in the mid of 2013, when all the developers will be pushed to build apps for the new windows, and all the software engineers will have to cease their work  for windows 8 applications, because those will no longer be accepted. This will be Windows way to push everybody towards their new “image”.

But apparently will be a catch, in order to upgrade to the free OS you’ll have to prove that you already have Windows 8 license – I don’t see the logic of this, I know that’s the way they’ll make money, but why would you make something free when there’s a big price to pay for it – .

There weren’t made any official statements about this new product, but I’m looking forward to see how Windows will impress me this time.

By the way, a codename for this Windows is already traveling across the internet, Windows Blue…

Entertainment at a good price

entertainmentWho doesn’t want to relax after a long day at work, or when is stuck in boring places for hours, and you can’t find anything to kill the time with. Or another more common example, if you live in the suburbs but you work in downtown and the main transportation between this two points is the bus, then you’d probably like to make that time more comfortable.

Well, you can, and that possibility is out there for a while, and it became more accessible with all the new gadgets that “invaded” the market. The only problem is how to decide which is the best solution. There are so many options. From my point of view, it should be something good and in the same time not very expensive. Usually in that class enter the movies and sometime games – but for a movie you don’t have to spend too much energy like you’d use for a game, that means it’s a better way to relax-.

Now every smart device can play movies, and the good part in all of this is that this option is so mobile that you don’t even have to store in your device the information, because you can actually stream it online.

You’ll probably say that this is not really the best solution, because it can get very expensive, movies aren’t cheap, not even to rent them. On this one I have to agree with you, and it’s a reality that not everybody can afford to buy a movie everyday.

I’m glad to say that it’s a very good way for saving money and spending the “dead” time in the company of a good movie. How is this possible? Many of you already  know the answer to this question, but it’s always good to spread the word.

The name of the solution is Netflix.

Netflix is a website that will provide you with a very wide selection of movies, tv shows and documentaries. For all this you will only have to pay less than you usually pay for one movie. Right now their database is pretty impressive, and they don’t stop here, usually you’ll see that new movies are uploaded every month.

Another good thing about Netflix is the “intelligent”  video player, that works perfectly on all the platforms and all the devices. Basically , this player remembers at what point your movie stopped, or paused, and it helps you to play from exactly where you left, not only on the same device, but you can migrate from a pc to a mobile device or vice versa, and you’ll still be able to continue to watch the movie. This is a great feature that Netflix offer to all their subscribers,and also the liberty to watch all this when and where you want.

Also, if you are planing to give this a try, you may have the chance to make a free “test drive” for a whole month. Now you can enjoy good movies at only $7,99/month.

P.S.: A new important update was released for Android devices, which fixes some bugs and brings a better video player that now will look more like the one from the official website:

Lep’s World – Walkthrough

If you are one of the Super Mario World fan, and that’s one of the game that made your childhood more exciting, then you’ll probably love this one too.

The graphics and the gameplay are basically the same, Mario is replaced with an Irish elf who lost his gold, and now he must go in this adventure to find it. In this journey he will have to fight with all kind of creatures and to collect everything that he will find.
The game is free, and you can download it from the App Store. It has 4 incredible levels, 5 different themes, 9 challenging enemies.

Also there is Pro version, which for $0.99 brings 24 more levels for you to enjoy.

The story get’s a little more complicated in the second release of the game – Lep’s World 2 -, when our character has to save his friends and family by defeating the evil wizard who kidnaped them.

The slimmest phone in the world

The Chinese company, BBK, released the slimmest phone in the world. The name of this new phone is Vivo X1 and with his 6.55mm slim body comes in the top of the list and it will be a real rival for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

This phone design looks like it combined both Samsung and iPhone lines, and obtain a pretty nice symbiosis. Vivo X1 also comes with an alternative for Siri and also for iTunes.

With this new gadget you will enjoy a big display, 4.7 inch qHD, 960×540 pixels. It will come with a very interesting battery (2000mAh), which you will be able to recharge it wirelessly. You’ll enjoy a  1.2GHz MTK6577T dual-core processor, and a 1 GB of RAM; 16 GB of internal memory,  a 8 MP back camera and a 1.3 MP front facing camera. BBK also included a special audio chipset CS4398+CS8422, which makes X1 the first phone in the world with 100 db :).

vivo x1 front

In order to purchase this phone you will have to go to Vivo website, or if you wanna wait a little, the gadget will be also commercialized by Suning electronics.

The price will be somewhere around $400, which is not to bad.

Galaxy Nexus 4 – issues?

Nexus 4-issuesThere have been only 11 days since the launch of Google’s new smartphone, Nexus 4, and people are already complaining about issues that drives them crazy.

Usually when you buy something high rated and quite expensive, you aspect to own good quality, not to be served with issues.

The issues that people complain about Nexus 4 are related to the sound. One of the issues is that whether is on or off the you can hear a weird buzz that comes from the earpiece area. Another problem, again with the sound, is that when you make a phone call you can hear a distorted sound. What it’s this problem? To be honest with you, this problems reminded me of scenes from spy movies, when the phones were bugged and when the device interfered with a radio wave started to  make funny noises. It’s this the case or it’s just a hardware problem?

I leave you to put the verdict of this problem…